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Below is a list of sites of people that I like to do business with and would recommend to others. I've also included the sites that I enjoy visiting and seem to follow the same natural beekeeping methods I try to use.


A special thank you to Beeline Apiaries and Woodenware.  It's been a great experience to function as a web interface to their products.  I'm espeically thankful to Jonathan Showalter for working with me to desisgn a great Top Bar Hive at such an affordable price.  He's a good friend and challenges my thinking on many levels!


Margaret Koogle, owner of Lilypons Water  Gardens, is one of those remarkable poeple that you can't help but love.  When I first approached her about keeping hives at Lilypons she was naturally a little nervous.  But, rather than just dismiss me, she listened to what the benefits of bees are, embraced the top bar methods, and gave me space to start my first 10 (yes 10!) top bar hives on the beautiful property of Lilypons.  In addition, she has opened her facilities for groups interested in beekeeping to come and look at the hives and also even let us use her building for a short course.  Check the site out here -

Phil and Ilene run the House-in-the-Woods CSA Farm.  I met them at a soccer game where they were selling heirloom tomatoes.  I don't even like tomatoes, and I ended up buying a couple seedlings from them.  They are both deeply commited to the philosophy of CSA's.  They have two hives on their farm, and I'll be working with them this year to see if we can get a little honey from the bees!  Check out their site

  Where do I get my Queen Bees from?  My two local suppliers that I work with are:

VP Queen Bees -

The Sustainable Honeybee Program -

Do you have a pond that you want stocked with fish?  Contact my buddy Alex for a good deal on some great fish at

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